What is Bluesky Nail Gel?

Bluesky Nail Gel is a 3 step gel polish system that gives customers beautiful nails that will last 14 days or more, without chipping.


Does Blusky Nail Gel damage the natural nail?

No. If used correctly Bluesky Nail Gel will not affect the natural nail. To ensure correct application and removal please see our instructions page  How to do shellac nails at home


How much does Bluesky Nail Gel cost?

We have a blanket price of €9.00 per single 10ml bottle. Offers and discounts may be available at certain times


How can I order Bluesky Nail Gel?

Simple. Shop all available shades and select the colours you would like, adding them to your cart. Once all selections have been made follow the checkout process and make payment. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal


How much will delivery cost to my country?

Shellac Nails Ltd. offers completely FREE worldwide delivery


How long will delivery take?

Please see our delivery timeframe list shipping shellac nail polish


I would like make a large order. Can I get a discount?

If you wish to place a large order please contact us via phone or email order@shellacnails.eu to query any possible discounts.


I want to sell/distribute Bluesky Nail Gel?

If you are interested in wholesale/distribution please contact us via the wholesale query section of our website shellac nails wholesale


I am a professional. Can I get a discounted rate?

For any queries relating to price/ordering please contact orders@shellacnails.eu


We’re is my order?

Please see our delivery timeframe chart Shipping information If your order has exceeded the maximum delivery time please contact order@shellacnails.eu to query the order further.


How do I return an item?

Please see our shipping & return policy